A global platform where every AR adventures begin...


Looptales is a location based AR App that lets you discover a world of digital adventures all around you.

Wherever you are around the world your next quest awaits at your doorstep.

Our construction Pillars

Balancing these offers range of different experiences.


Our approach at Looptales for adventure building takes its roots in non-linear interactive narrative. We are eager to develop all kinds of experiences by balancing narrative and  interactive through our adventures allowing us to build a whole range of experiences.


Within our vision, we see each AR experience and each location as a whole. Forming a bridge between the worlds is key to our experiences. We aim to offer a tailor-made adventure for a specific place, as you walk next to landmarks or businesses the AR world will take shape in correlation to these locations.


Our venture takes the shape of a platform app available mobile devices. As you enter, a myriad of experiences lies before your eyes. Each experience proposes a unique adventure right within reach. Our platform aims at focusing on high-quality content while delivering the tools to the audience to create their own.

Our Mission

Looptales intends to invite audiences into unique AR adventures as you discover places around the world.

As your experience starts you will dive into our worlds. They will be embedded with balanced narrative and interactive content. Walking around in the real world, discovering places you had never been to before while you dive into your AR adventure at once: This is Looptales.

Our first adventure in the making ‘Fruit Adventure’ will take the shape of a non-linear interactive experience based on a short narrative. It plays like a digital scavenger hunt along the river Thames in London. 

The narrative set for this experience is an open call to adventure, friendship, and discovery. Our main character is easy to approach and he invites the audience to come with him through a fruity adventure.

While this is Looptales’ first project the whole venture plan strives to become the go-to platform for AR location-based entertainment.

Fruit Adventure

Fruit Adventure is designed to showcase a balanced experience embedding all the components of Looptales. This adventure will be a non-linear interactive experience based on a short narrative.

‘Fruit Adventure’ invites you on the journey of Toba the Orange, a fruity musician who fell from a delivery truck. With your help he will overcome the difficulties ahead and find his friends again.

This adventure is in our heart a digital scavenger hunt. We want this project to push people to go out and rediscover places they know. We aim to move a wide range of audiences, from families and friends to solo experiencers.

The narrative set for this experience is an open call to adventure, friendship, and discovery. Our main character is easy to approach and he invites the audience to come with him through a fruity adventure.

With the power of Looptales, we aim to turn people’s eyes out while having a walk over Southbank in London. This large walk path at the shore of the Thames river is a very enjoyable ride through London’s most iconic architecture cityscape as much of the capital’s history. It remains at heart a place of entertainment with multiple cinemas, music venues, museums, and theaters while offering a wide variety of spaces, parks, alleys, a skatepark, bridges. It’s a perfect setting for our adventure. 


What is Looptales

Looptales is a growing AR location-based platform project, currently in early development stage.

Our first goal is to bring 'Fruit Adventure' to life !

Once this first experience released we will enter into a curation and commission phase with brands and creators.

Can I try it ?

Looptales is currently in development and we are not to a stage where you can try it today.
Please raise your interest by contacting us we will be pleased to send you an invite as we reach our beta program.

What are Looptales goals today ?

We are currently still refining and developing our first adventure which should reach a ready for production state in spring 2022. We are currently raising funds for its development, we are eager to reach out to :  investors, producers, business visionaries, developers as well as creators interested in the making of this emerging world.

What technology is Looptales based-on ?

At its core, Looptales will use ARKit and ARCore within the Unity environment. Together with the use of the latest technological advancement this allows us to leverage all sorts of location-based AR content.

Here is our awesome team

David Calvet is a director and technical director who graduated from Supinfocom in 2012 and has been living in London since. He  co-founded Bandits with 2 other former classmates. He co-directed Bet She’an his graduation film and kept on developing short films. In 2017 he shifted to XR and co-directed a VR interactive film called The little things.

David Calvet

Founder  |  Director  |  cto

Klaas-Harm de Boers graduated in 3D computer animation and Visual Effects at the Utrecht Art Academy in 2011 with his short film: The Passenger. He started his career in Amsterdam where he took on a variety of roles including technical director and lead animator.  He is the creator of the character duo Lars&Rosa and in 2014 he founded his first company: Zoetrope Makers.

Klaas-Harm de Boer

founder  |  Director  |  EP

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